For over 15 years, Elisa has led the communications consultancy she founded, Elle Communications, helping clients tell their stories more effectively, for greater impact. Their client base is broad, representing every size and sector, with a particular niche in the social impact space – charities, nonprofits, social enterprises.

Regardless of size or type, every business Elle works with has one thing in common: a belief in the power of storytelling, the realization that telling a story right helps showcase their success, promote their brand and give them the edge they need to rise above the clutter and be heard. 

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Elle Communications provides the following services:


Whether you want to create or re-vamp a website, craft a persuasive press release, write an article, produce an ad or a tweet that gets your followers talking, Elle Communications can help. Some copywriting services Elle offers include:

  • brand messaging
  • print or digital ad copy
  • website content
  • blogs
  • press releases
  • brochures
  • print and online newsletters
  • advertorials
  • slogans/mission statements
  • event marketing materials
  • editing & proofreading

Corporate Histories & Digital Stories

Corporate history projects are produced for a number of reasons: as a tribute to outgoing executives, in honour of a special anniversary, as a fundraising initiative, to improve branding or, simply, to boost morale. The unique marketing tool lets you tell your distinct narrative in an engaging and compelling way. Elle Communications manages the entire corporate history project—from researching the facts and interviewing the “featured characters”, to sourcing photos and overseeing graphics and production.


Elle Communications helps clients craft their thoughts, facts and humorous anecdotes into compelling and engaging material. They give you a hand – so you can receive the applause

Report Research and Writing

Whether it’s a white paper, annual report or another in-depth document, Elisa and her team can handle it. Proficient at interviews, research and synthesizing complex material into simple, user-friendly language, Elle Communications manages your report from start to finish, turning it around efficiently and on time.

Ghostwriting Memoirs, Books, Op-eds

Whether writing your own book or penning an op-ed, if you can’t find the right words or enough time to invest, the activity is made all the more difficult. Elle Communications can help you produce a book that will make you proud and elevate your brand to a whole new level.


To learn more about Elle Communications and how it can help you and your communications needs, visit the site

Elisa Birnbaum

Author, Journalist, Speaker

Elisa has an extensive portfolio as a senior journalist and writer. She’s also a recognized producer, consultant and storyteller of social entrepreneurship and social change.   Learn More