As host of the SEE Change Magazine podcast, Elisa speaks with social entrepreneurs around the world about their journey, challenges, success stories and lessons learned. Here’s a sample of a few episodes. For additional episodes, follow the link below or subscribe on Apple  or Spotify

Promoting Sanitation, Dignity and Sustainability in Haiti: Sasha Kramer of SOIL

Sasha Kramer discusses how her social enterprise is providing safe, dignified and affordable sanitation services to resource-poor urban communities in Haiti. View Article


Making Eyeglasses Accessible to All: Jordan Kassalow of VisionSpring

Vision loss severely impacts millions of people around the world and their livelihoods. One social entrepreneur is making it easier for those on the bottom of the pyramid to access affordable eyewear. View Article


From Fire Hose to Leather, Kresse Wesling is on a Mission to Reclaim Raw Materials

Kresse Wesling, co-founder of UK-based Elvis & Kresse, talks about how she’s re-imagining and recycling raw material waste into belts, bags, rugs, notebooks and other products. View Article


Finding Hope for Women in Detroit Through Graffiti Jewelry: Amy Peterson of Rebel Nell     

The average person wouldn’t look at graffiti and see its potential to empower women. But one social entrepreneur is finding hope in the rubble and creating opportunities in Detroit along the way. View Article


Eating Sustainably: We talk cricket chips with Laura D’Asaro of Chirps Chips

As the most sustainable protein available, insects are the food of the future, says Laura D’Asaro of Chirps Chips, who talks about her mission to get more people to eat chips and other products from cricket flour. View Article